Mvuu Lodge

Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia

 Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia

Tucked away in Zambia, along the meandering banks of the mighty

Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia
Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia

Zambezi River lies Mvuu Lodge,The Place of the Hippo. It is situated about 18 km from the Lower Zambezi National Park in the Chiawa Game Management area and right opposite Mana Pools.

Being an area rich in wildlife, game viewing around Mvuu Lodge is

Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia
Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia

exceptionally rewarding by boat or in an open vehicle drive through the bush. The challenge of catching the renowned Tiger Fish from the banks of the great Zambezi River or from a boat provides you with the opportunity to lose yourself in the adrenalin rush. We offer

Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia
Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia

luxury packages, self catering and camping. Enjoy a true African experience in our safari tents with ensuite bathrooms that overlook the mighty Zambezi

Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia
Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia

River. The campsites are situated in close proximity to the Lodge and are nestled in thick bush under a canopy of indigenous trees, providing a cool haven from the African Sun.

Facilities at Mvuu Lodge in Zambia include a pool, canoe safari, game drive & Nature walks.

 availability at Mvuu Lodge in Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia

All four camp sites, Monkey, Mvuu, Elly & Leopard have their own private hot shower, flush toilet and braai area. The ablution facilities are enclosed by stone walls and roofed by the majestic Zambian sky. Relax with a sundowner, great food & warm hospitality on our open aired dining deck looking out over the river. Finish off the day around a blazing bonfire in the boma while listening to the sounds of the African bush.

Please note the rates on the system for Mvuu Lodge are worked out on an exchange rate of R8.50 = USD1.00 and rounded off to the nearest rand value. We work on an average exchange rate.  25% Deposit secures a booking at Mvuu Lodge in Zambia and is non refundable in case of a cancellation. Cancellation fees: Less than 1 week notice = 100% forfeited Less than 4 week notice = 50% forfeited Less than 8 weeks’ notice = 20% forfeited Over 8 weeks’ notice = full refund No show will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

Other Conditions of Booking at Mvuu Lodge in Zambia
+25% Single Supplement in peak season Guides or Pilot’s are 50% discount rate on same accommodation as clients, depending on availability Drivers can camp for free but must bring own equipment & food. Alternatively they can eat with the staff on prior arrangement. It is essential that comprehensive travel insurance be purchased. (Including Trip Cancellation/Curtailment and Medical Evacuation & Hospitalization) All insurance is the guest’s responsibility and no liability whatsoever is accepted by Mvuu Lodge and their Directors, share holders, employees, agents and representatives. All guests should check with their national Foreign Offices and Embassies for updated travel, health & safety information on Zambia before travel. All clients have to sign an indemnity form. Any dangerous activities such as the canoe safari & guided walks have an age restriction of 12 years and children must always be accompanied by parents.

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